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Greeting message

Dear friends!


It is my pleasure to welcome you on the web-pages of Gorno-Altaisk State University, the leading research and educational center of Altai Republic. The university consists of 11 faculties and an agricultural college. It includes 4 educational buildings, 3 dormitories, 3 libraries, 14 research laboratories, scientific and educational centers, museums, a printing house, a sports club, cultural centers, an agrobiological research station, a veterinary clinic and a sports camp on the Teletskoye Lake.

Over 5000 students are enrolled at our university. The instruction is carried out in 72 basic educational programs, including 31 tracks of a bachelor degree, 9 master programs, 1 speciality in veterinary science, and 13 directions of postgraduate studies. GASU prepares mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, geographers, historians, philologists (in the Russian language and literature, the Altai language and literature, and a number of foreign languages), economists, lawyers, managers, accountants, agrarians, veterinary surgeons, psychologists, teachers and other experts of the highest level.

A special attention is paid to sports development; our students have a possibility to attend sports sections on volleyball, basketball, cross-country skiing, table tennis, rowing slalom, sports gymnastics, chess, etc. free of charge. GASU students are champions and prize-winners of the European and world competitions in rafting.

The international cooperation plays a major role: international conferences and workshops are held at the university and international agreements are signed with overseas universities and research centers of the USA, Germany, Belgium, Mongolia, China, Poland, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, India and the CIS countries.

Every year more and more foreign citizens choose GASU for obtaining a higher education. Undergraduate and post-graduate students from Germany, France, Belgium, Mongolia, China, India and the USA come to GASU for short-term training, internship and field work under the supervision of our experts, and also to attend the courses of the Russian language. Our students, in their turn, go abroad to implement their research projects, develop educational assignments, and improve their foreign language skills.

GASU doors are opened to citizens of any country. The foreign applicants with insufficient knowledge of Russian have an opportunity to attend the courses of Russian as a foreign language (RFL). The tuition fee depends on a course term (program volume) and the size of groups. The arrangement of individual classes in Russian is also an option. Introductory tests for foreign citizens are held in the form of the university placement testing. All international students are provided with a dormitory.

The university gives a full passport and visa support for overseas students enrolled at GASU full time, in the framework of programs of the academic mobility, or for participation in joint scientific and educational activities.

Welcome to our university!!!